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23 september 2014
National Stadium, Warsaw

Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

1. General Provisions

1.1 This Regulation provides general terms of cooperation within organized by SA, hereinafter called the „Organiser”, conferences and Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo

2. Terms of participation in Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo

2.1 Natural or legal person may be an Exhibitor.
2.2 Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement between the Organiser and Exhibitor constists in booking and paying a stand selected by the Exhibitor. Reservation confirmation and issue of an invoice will follow up within 5 days since the date of registration. 
2.3 The Exhibitor may lose the right to participate in the Fair when:
        a) he doesn’t pay for participation in due time specified in the Registration Form
         b) he doesn’t obey provisions of the Regulation
2.4 In these cases – when the Organiser recognizes that a breach of provisions of the Regulation ocurred, SA has the right to use of the above power and to terminate the Cooperation Agrement with the Exhibitor without notice, at the same time retaining the right to pay by the Exhibitor the amounts due arising from participation in the Fair or compensation.
2.5 The Organiser may refuse to confirm registry acceptance for convenience. In this case, writting refusal notification, within a 5 days period since the date of the registration, is required.
2.6  In case of Organiser’s confirmation refusal notfication, the Exhibitor has the right to  return all paid amounts. But he has not the right to other claims arising from this.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1 The Subject of the Agreement is a payable lease, by the Organiser to Exhibitor, of exhibition area during Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo .
3.2 The Exhibitor selects and books a stand through website. To complete a stand reservation, the Exhibitor is obliged to fill in the Registration Form at the website and to accept the Regulations.
3.3 Simultaneously, the Exhibitor acknowledges that all data entered by Him or an employee of SA, into the Registration Form, is real and consentient with currently run business on the date of filling in the Registration Form.
3.4 The Organiser is not responisble for the data  entered by the Exhibitor into the Form.
3.5 Alternatively, on customer request, it’s possible to make a stand reservation by an employee of SA, after prior fixing up details of reservation and all Exhibitor’s data
3.6 The Exhibitor acquires the right to dispose of the booked stand not earlier than while making payment. 
3.7 The Exhibitor may buy several stands, without and extra charge, unless they are not next to each other. 
3.8 It’s possible to join spaces of stands located next to each other which is resulting in a surcharge in the amount dependent on a size of  joint spaces (each time, the Exhibitor will be informed about the surcharge amount by an employee). SA reserves the right to not accepting an order for joining stands.
3.9 The Exhibitor makes a choice from among the following stand categories:
         a. Normal
         b. Royal
         c. King
         d. Master

3.10 The Exhibitor declares that he will make use of hired stand in a manner consistent with the law and its purpose.
3.11 The Exhibitor declares that he has the full right to dispose of the property presented during the event
3.12 The Exhibitor declares that he accepts full responsibility for a stand and property presented in it.

4. Payment Terms & Conditions
4.1 The condition of Agreement conclusion which is the right to dispose of a stand during Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE show & expo is:
         a.    booking and paying, by the Exhibitor, the amount due, at the same time meeting the criterion mentioned in item 3.3
         b.     the Agreement is concluded while accepting the Regulations.
4.2 For the moment of Agreement conclusion, the Exhibitor is obliged to make the payment due to the Organiser arising from giving a stand or stands to Exhibitor’s disposal during Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo, within 7 days since the date of making a reservation
4.3 Charges for individal stands are specified in the event price-list at:   The  Payment includes a non-refundable  registration fee and charges for orders made at Registration Forms, and concerns  preparation, duration and event closure period.
4.4 For the moment of the Regulations acceptance, by the Exhibitor, the Organiser will send by e-mail a VAT invoice (to e-mail address entered by the Exhibitor into the  Registration Form).  This VAT invoice is simultaneously a Request for Payment. The Exhibitor is obliged to settle liabilities  towards the Organiser within 7  days since the date of receiving the invoice.
4.5 In case of lack of payment in due time specified in item 4.2, the Organiser has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, without a notice to the Exhibitor.
4.6 The Exhibitor can’t dispose of a stand without making payment.
4.7 Payment Date is the date of adding funds to Organiser’s bank account.
4.8 Exact dates  of making available spaces for Exhibitor stand assembly will be announce by SA at the most 14 days before the date of Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo
4.9 Disassembly of an exposition before the official closure of  Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo is forbidden.

5. Termination of the Agreement

5.1 In case of Exhibitor’s resigning a participation in Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo, within a period longer than 30 days before the date of the start, full amounts paid by the Exhibitor to Organiser’s bank account are refundable.
5.2 In case of resigning a participation in Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo, in shorter time than 30 days before the event start, the Exhibitor is not entitled to get return of amounts paid to Organiser’s bank account. 
5.3 The Exhibitor who withdraws from participation in Ecommerce Trends 2014 CEE Show&Expo, without prior termination of the Agreement and informing the Organiser about it, is obliged to make a full payment, resulting from placed orders and all recorded expenses beared by the Organiser as a result of the resignation.
5.4 The Organiser reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in case of the event cancellation, for reasons beyond Organiser’s control.
5.5 The Organiser will inform the Exhibitor about cancellation of the event by e-mail (to e-mail address entered by the Exhibitor into the Registration Form)
5.6 For the moment of cancelling the event, the Agreement concluded between the Exhibitor and the Organiser is being terminated.

6. Organiser responsibility

6.1 The Organiser bears responsibility for an inadequate performance of the Agreement concluded with the Exhibitor, only to the amount resulting from this Agreement and paid to Organiser's bank account.
6.2 The Organiser doesn't bear responsibility for:
          a. improper equipment and securing of an area with stands given to Exhibitor's disposal
         b. personal accidents nor damage of property belonging to the Exhibitor, being in his care, during disposing a stand
         c. other damages or being a result of theft, during the event

7. Final provisions

7.1 All disputes or claims between the Parties, connected with this Agreement, whether those disputes or claims arise from the Agreement or provisions of the law, should be resolved by Organiser's common court, having jurisdiction over the case.
7.2 The Regulation enters into force on 30th June 2014
7.3 The Organiser reserves the right to change the Regulation provisions. Modifications in the Regulation comes into force on the date of their announcement at the event website. The Organiser will inform the Exhibitor about changes in the Regulations, by e-mail.

Organiser S.A
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mob: +48 784 499 121

If you have any questions concerning booking stands, dont's hestitate to contact:

Dominika Borowik
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