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23 september 2014
National Stadium, Warsaw


PRIVACY POLICY S.A. located in Warsaw at Mickiewicza Street 27/38, 01-562 Warsaw, entry in the Register of Enterpreneurs of the National Court Register in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000394996, of nominal capital 1 225 000,00 PLN, NIP 113-284-52-61. S.A. respects users' right to privacy. It cares, with special regard, about protection of their personal data and applies appropriate technological solutions preventing intrusion, of third parties, upon users' privacy. We would like each Internaut, using our services and visiting our websites, to feel fully secure, hereof, introduced, at some websites, registration and logging systems. The registration is not required for viewing content of services.

 I.       § Registration, personal data 

In registration form of the Conference and workshops, personal data like: name and surname, company's address, contact numbers, email address, login and password, necessary for use some functions and website content, should be entered. In the form, it should be also marked if somebody is interested in receiving information about new offers, services and contests organized by, and – in accordance with the currently effective Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997, after the amendment introduced by the Law of 16 September 2011 on Exchange of Information with Law Enforcement Agencies of the European Union Member States – he/she should accept processing his/her personal data for purposes.


Except the registration form, users' personal data may be collected while rendering other services or organizing contests at websites.

It must be remebered that user's declaration of consent for processing, by, his/her personal data for marketing purposes is absolutely voluntary. Each user has the right to view and correct data given by himself/herself.

Processing user's data is performed, among others, in order to send information-promotional materials, offer products, market and public opinion research. Such data helps us to define users' preferences, thus – to improve offers directed to them. Besides, we use information about users for more efficient organization of promotions and contests. Knowing whom they are to be directed to, we easier define their final formula and shape.

II.     § Cookies 

Another way of our users' data collection is the use of „cookies” mechanism. Cookies are text files that are saved, by server, on a disk of the user Data Terminal Equipment, so it will be able to „identify” it while another connection. S.A. uses cookies to memorize information about Internauts. We recognize them in order to find out what information they need and look for at our websites. Knowing which websites they visit more often than the other ones, we can become more interesting and supportive server, even more so. Users give us knowledge about how to develop already existing websites, what requirements we should still meet, what to complete, what new should be created in order to satisfy their needs and demands. So, using the websites, that's the Internaut who decides their future shape.

Cookies files are also exploited, by, for the following purposes:

1.            statistical (creating statistics for internal needs within co-operation with our contrahents, including advertisers;

2.     connected with inquiries conducted at websites – especially in order to avoid repeated presentation of the same inquiry to particular receiver and to introduce inquiries in the way considering receivers' interests.

Cookies are set at „enter” and „exit” of the given service. They, in no way, destroy computer system nor influence its working. Especially, they don't cause configurational changes in users' terminal equipment or software installed in those devices. It should be noted that cookies don't serve indetification of particular users. On their ground, doesn't establish users' identity.

Each user can resist setting cookies files at his terminal equipment. To do so, such person should use the option of turning the mechanism off, accessible in the browser.

III.     § How we use collected data

 Collected personal data is used for registration in our system and helps to process commercial transactions, to respond to applications from contact forms. And, it is used for sending promotional offers and newsletters.

We don't sell, to third parties, personal data concerning users and customers of our website. We may use gathered information in order to contact users, in relations connected with offered products and services and, to the extent that the User agrees, with related parties, including independent suppliers and business partners.

Data collected during the registration is used solely for enabling logging into the service. Registration is necessary to apply and buy entrance to the event organized by S.A.

Data gathered during the purchase transaction is used for its accomplishment, including money drawn and sending ordered products or services and, to do so, it can be delivered to a company dealing with payment transactions, but it will not be used for any other purpose. Giving data is obligatory and necessary for achievement of purchase transaction.

Signing up for newsletter or accepting its receiving in different form, means possibility of using stated data to deliver ordered information and promotional materials. Protecting users' privacy, we give the possibility to resign receiving such information.

Information collected automatically may be used for analyse of user attitudes, at our website, collecting demographic data concerning our users or for personalisation of our websites' content. Such data are collected automatically, about each of the users.

Data collected while corresponding between the user and our service will be used solely in order to respond to an inquiry.

In case of infringement of the Regulations of our service, breach or if the legislation demands it, we may make user's data available for the judicial authorities.

IV.     § How we contact users

Making purchase transaction is unequivocal with receive our e-mail message concerning the conducted transaction.

Signing up for newsletter or accepting its receiving in different form is unequivocal with sending, by e-mail, promotional offers and information about novelties, products and services.

V.     § Data storage and security

Users' personal data is stored while service use and then in time necessary for transaction settlement and claim for payment for purchased products and services. With the user consent, the collected information may be gathered in one or many databases, directly or indirectly kept by an administrator. The Administrator will undertake all appropriate security means, in accordance with generally accepted principles, aiming at protecting confidential information. Particularly important information like personal data and information of payment details, collected in order to conduct commercial transactions, are encrypted before transmission from the user. Communication between user's computer and our server, while collecting personal data and making purchase transactions, is encrypted with the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

VI.     § Responsibilities of users

 All users, using the service, are responsible for their user's account security. Users are obliged to store the account password in safety way and not to make it available to third parties. In case of public computer use, like computers in internet cafe, colleges, offices or libraries, but also for personal computer use at user's home, users should log out after each session in order to block other persons off an access to their private information and personal data.

VII.     § Change of personal data

User logged into the system, can change data at his/her account.

 Data used for purchase transactions can't be changed or deleted because it's the part of the account. Data collected automatically can't be changed or deleted.

 Users have the right to access to their personal data and to correct them. A deletion of user's account, from the service, requires a direct contact with us and sending an appropriate request to e-mail address:

VIII.     § Links to other websites

 The service contains links to other websites. We declare that we are not responsible for content, products or services offered at websites and Internet services of other companies. The herewith Privacy Policy doesn't apply to any personal data which You make available or that are collected by websites administered by other companies.

IX.     § Change to Privacy Policy

 We reserve the righ to change Privacy Policy through publication of the new Privacy Policy, at this website. Changes to Privacy Policy become effective at the moment of their publication at the website.

X.     § Getting in touch with us

 In case of any questions or concerns, regarding Internet Privacy Policy of our company, please do not hestitate to contact us at:

XI.     § Good advices

 User, remember that:

1.            if you use one computer together with other users, when you have finished using services, where you must log in – don't forget to log out and exit your setups, so that nobody could see them;

2.     data gave by you while registering is known only to You and And, we assure that it will not be revealed to anybody else. Please, You also be careful with making them available to other persons.

3.     it occurs that some persons using the Internet want to pump You for information about You and use it against You or other people. They may do it for profits or, in their opinion, for fun. Be careful. Make sure who is the person that asks you about your personal data and which institution he/she represents. Remember, You are protected by the law on personal data protection. 

Organiser S.A
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If you have any questions concerning booking stands, dont's hestitate to contact:

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