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23 september 2014
National Stadium, Warsaw

logo-nonoobspl.jpg SA specializes in organizing events concerning various aspects of new technologies and their impact onthe market. We prepared such projets as Generation Mobile:mobile market conference, Ecommerce Trends: the conference for ecommerce business, Social Enterprise: the conference addressed to big companies that are forced to deal with greater and greater importance of social services and their influence on the business, Game Industry Trends: the conference addressed to game industry or adUniverse with the leading topic: new digital marketing ecosystem. Within 3 years of our activity, we successfully organized 18 conferences and issued 7 reports. The most recent NoNoobs production is the Future Trends conference raising the subject of future technologies and their impact on the market.

Organiser S.A
ul. Mickiewicza 27/38
01-562 Warszawa

mob: +48 784 499 121

If you have any questions concerning booking stands, dont's hestitate to contact:

Dominika Borowik
mob: +48 510 296 198