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23 september 2014
National Stadium, Warsaw
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During Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 Show & Expo, we’ve prepared for Exhibitors  numerous opportunities of presenting oneself for about 2 thousand persons visiting Expo. In the National Stadium galery, You will have approx. 3 thousand square  metres of exhibition area to near 100 stands of differential surface, giving  varied opportunity  for presenting a company. Also, we would like to draw your attention to numerous non-standard (except stands) options of service promoting allowing to establish relationships with potential cutomers (fair presentations, doctor’s consultations, workshops and many others).

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Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 Show & Expo is a unique opportunity for meeting in the international environment of persons acting in ecommerce branch. During the Expo, companies serving each sphere of  ecommerce process will be represented: payments, supply and logistics, fulfilment, marketing, customer service in many channels, technologies including equipment and software, and cloud services. Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 Show & Expo is an ideal platform for obtaining the latest knowledge on tools, solutions and services dedicated to companies putting their acting in the Internet and at mobile platforms.

Free registration at Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 Show & Expo will enable You to keep abreast of information about the event and to participate in  Show&Expo, and associated events.

What, where, when?

Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 is both the conference taking place on September 23-24th and Show&Expo helding on September 23rd where companies offering services and solutions for Internet trade will present themselves&

Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014 is the first event where representatives of companies from Central and Eastern Europe will meet, concentrating on the most important aspects of e-Trade, cross-border and mobile trade, modern logistic, payment and marketing services.
We invite to the event  Internet shops' owners, directors and managers, retail networks representatives, traditional shops' owners planning to start acting in the Internet,  suppliers of solutions, tools and services for ecommerce incluiding  software, equipment and marketing services delivery..

We encourage to participate in the  Conference as a  Participant jas well as a Partner
We invitte You to present your own services during the Show&Expo 
Branch Patronage over the Ecommerce Trends CEE 2014  was taken by Ecommerce Polska and Ecommerce Europe.

Cheaper in Ecommerce Trends 2014 conference packages

For greater number of persons from one company, we offer special packages of tickets, in attractive prices, to the Conference on September 23-24th 2014.  
Detailed information:
Anita Olszewska

Special discounts for stands at Ecommerce Trends 2014 Show&Expo

Members and Partners of eCommerce Polska – Content Partner of the event – are given a special 10% discount while buying a stand at Show&Expo
Detailed information:
Dominika Borowik

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